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Karachi Stock Exchange goes down due to PTI Shutterdown in Karachi
Time: 01:10
PTI used Hydel Funds in Stock Exchange Arshad Sharif blast Shoukat Yousafzai
Time: 00:54
Special talk with Shaukat Basra after joining PTI
Time: 12:07
Some PTI leaders are also being investigated and there is no interference in that- Haroon ur Rasheed
Time: 02:41
Kal BY Elections Mein PTI Kaise Jeeti ?
Time: 01:53
Why Shaukat Basra Joins PTI ?
Time: 02:09
Aaj Punjab Mein Election Karwalo PTI Haar Jayegi
Time: 02:13
Shahbaz Sharif PAC Ka Chairman Banane Per PTI Mein Kya Horaha Hai ??
Time: 02:27
4 PTI Ministers Ka PMLN Se Rabta : Arif Nizami Ke Show Mein Inkshaaf
Time: 02:00
PTI Ke Ander Is Waqt Kia Chal Raha Hai ?? Rana Mubashir Tells.
Time: 01:06
PTI Will Face Problem In Punjab If PMLN Will Keep Intact Until The Next Local Bodies Election-Mazhar Abbas
Time: 00:41
A PTI supporter grills Fawad Chaudhry on his remarks about Alcohol & Ramesh Kumar
Time: 02:29
Former PPP MPA joins PTI; Sources
Time: 00:54
Mardan-Head master forced to retirement over making student sing PTI song in school assembly
Time: 00:48
Faisal Hussain Badly Criticise PTI Govt,,
Time: 03:31
PTI Ke Kin Members Ke Khilad Tehqeeqat Horahi Hai ? Haroon Rasheed Reveals
Time: 02:29
Why PTI Govt Defend Asad And How Pakistan Return Money Swiis Bank,Sabir Shakir Response
Time: 04:33
In PTI you talk openly, conspiracies not hatched: Haleem Adil
Time: 04:35
PTI leader questions transparency of anti-encroachment drive
Time: 01:10
Sohail Warraich Response On 100 Days Of PTI
Time: 01:34
Karachi Mayor sends defamation notice to PTI leader
Time: 00:37
PTI failed to explain their 100 days agenda to public- Hassan Nisar
Time: 03:38
PTI Ki Govt Mein France Ne Pakistani Travell Adviserry Positive Kardi,,
Time: 00:57
Im neither satisfied nor disappointed over PTIs 100 days Performance - Irshad Bhatti
Time: 01:43
Pti Ke Kon Log Hain Jinhe Badal Dena Chahiye.. Ansar Abbasi Response
Time: 00:35
Is PTI Govt Allience With Oppositions,, Fawad Chaudhry Response
Time: 00:28
I am in PTI to serve the public- Jahangir Khan Tareen
Time: 05:04
Why does institutions supporting the PTI compared to previous govts?
Time: 01:57
PTI fails to fulfill promises: Danial Chaudhry
Time: 04:27
Why PTI Govt Is Going Use Presidential Ordinance Option? Sabir Shakir Tells
Time: 02:34
Shaukat Basra tells why he joined PTI
Time: 01:58
Asad Qaiser Response On The Conflicts Inbetween PTI On PAC Chairman Issue..
Time: 03:56
PM Imran Khan Speech At PTI 100 Days Ceremony - 29th Nov 2018 Part_01
Time: 31:18
Why PTI Govt Use President Ordinance Option, Sabir Shakir Response
Time: 02:34
See What Ex Worker Of PTI Says On Govt's Performance
Time: 01:29
Time: 00:58
Zardari Sahab Khud PPP Ke Lie Bhari Hain PTI Ke Lie Bhari Nahi Hain.. Hammad Azhar
Time: 02:08
PTI don't want to collect taxes from the powerful elites - Haroon ur Rasheed
Time: 03:11
Malik Amir Dogar Response On PTI Agreeing On Appointing Shahbaz Sharif PAC Chairman..
Time: 04:17
PTI Caps Being Used To Smuggle Drugs
Time: 00:50
Amir Ilyas Rana Criticise PTI Govt And NAB,,
Time: 04:54
Are You Agree PTI Has Failed on Parliment,, Ali Mohammad Khan Response
Time: 02:19
Asma Shirazi's Views On Asif Zardari's Statement About The PTI Government
Time: 02:01
Raja Riaz angry with PTI, resigns from parliamentary secretaryship
Time: 01:34
PPP's Naz Baloch criticizes PTI over its policies
Time: 06:06
Jab PTI Ki Hukomat Aye Hai To Koi Crisis Nahi Tha-Zubair Umar
Time: 03:01
PM Imran Khan speech at PTI 100 Days ceremony – 29th November 2018
Time: 01:04:44
Mazher Abbas's Analysis on PTI Govt's 100 Days Performance
Time: 02:08
Salim Bukhary Badly Criticise Imran Khan PTI govt,
Time: 03:05
Kiya PTI Waqai Inteqaami Ehtehsaab Karahi Hai , Fahad Hussain Response
Time: 02:25
PML(N) Kay Members PTI Govt Ko Nakhun Chabwadenge Magar,, Imran Khan
Time: 01:37
PTI Govt Say Jab Jawab Manga To Kiya Jawab Aya | Neo News
Time: 04:42
Whats Are The 3 Big Blunder of PTI Govt? Watch Views of Students
Time: 01:14
Fayaz Ul Hassan Response What Has PTI Done In Punab In 100 Days..
Time: 03:14
PTI Govt Petrol Ki Qeematon Per Kia Karne Ja Rahe Hain ???
Time: 00:46
Famous Poet Aur PTI Supporter Farhat Abbas Shah Ka PM Imran Khan Se Shikwa
Time: 08:35
Anchor Rehman Azher Criticise PTI Performances
Time: 02:28
PTI Has Strengthened Its Position- Sohail Warraich's Analysis On 100 Days Of PTI
Time: 01:34
PTI Govt Ne 100 Din Mein Sab Se Bara Kaam Kon Sa Kia ?
Time: 01:40
PTI Konse NAB Qawaneen Me Tabdeeli Chahti Hai.. Amir Dogar Response
Time: 04:33
PTI 100 Days Ceremony Mein Kon Ro Para ?? Hamid Mir Tells
Time: 00:48
PTI Ka Aur Imran Khan Ka Hukomat Mein Ana Logon Kay Liye Taza Hawa Ka Jhonka Hai- Barrister Ehtisham
Time: 01:35
Why NAB is not taking prompt actions against PTI and allies?
Time: 04:01
Chaudhry Manzoor Ne Live Show Mein PTI ko Dhamki Dedi,,
Time: 00:31
Syed Ali Haider Telling The Achievements of PTI Govt in 100 Days
Time: 05:00
PTI Ki Govt Ne Awaam Ki Umeedon Ko Tora Ya Mazboot Kia ??
Time: 01:14
First 100 days of PTI government
Time: 24:22
Asad Umar speech at PTI 100 Days ceremony – 29th November 2018
Time: 22:32
Agar Imran Khan Bhi Corruption Karega To Hum Nahi Bachaege, PTI Member Sadaqat Abbasi
Time: 03:07
Kamran Murtaza Response On PTI Wants To Run Everything According To Presidential Ordinance..
Time: 02:10
Shah Mehmood Qureshi speech at PTI 100 Days ceremony – 29th November 2018
Time: 19:27
Meher Abbasi Response On Imran Khan's Speech & Performance of PTI Govt in 100 Days
Time: 04:40
PM adviser Arbab Shahzad speech at PTI 100 Days ceremony - 29th November 2018
Time: 23:47
It's A Good Initiative And Credit Goes To PTI- Rehman Azhar Views On PTI’s 100 Days Ceremony
Time: 01:06
PTI Government's 'First 100 Days' ceremony to be held today
Time: 01:49
PTI Ki Is Khatoon Rehnuma Ko Giriftaar Karlo.. Yeh Order Kis Ne Dia ?
Time: 00:58
PTI government presents 100 day performance report
Time: 02:40:04
PTI Govt Kay 100 Days Performance Par Lums University Kay Students Ne Kiya Kaha,,
Time: 02:29
Dr. Fiza Akbar's befitting reply to Ahsan Iqbal over his criticism on PTI govt
Time: 02:20
Tabahi Ayi Hai Logon Bhaag Sako Tu Bhaglo Barbadi Ayi Hai l Imran Khan PTI
Time: 06:17
Anchor Ali Haider Brilliant Reply To Those Who Compares TLP's Protest With PTI
Time: 00:29
PTI Atif Khan vs Brristar Dnyal chuahdry
Time: 03:57
Asad Umer PTI Ki Govt Ko Dubo Denge,, Faisal Wada Strong Reply
Time: 01:15
Faisal Wada Talk About Hoe PTI Do Law Changes,,
Time: 00:51
PTI Govt will provide earning opportunities to beggars
Time: 01:20
Wo Tabdeeli Jis Ka Wada Hai.. Irshad Bhatti Response On PTI govt Performance
Time: 02:11
PTI Fawad Chaudhry Media Talk From London About Ishaq Dar - PTI Imran Khan Govt News
Time: 02:39
Imran Khan And PTI Worker Same As Altaf Hussain And His Workers, Shehla Raza
Time: 01:16
PTI Se Jo Galtiyan Horahi Hain Iska Silsila Kab Rukega.. Shahid Lateef Response
Time: 03:08
PM Imran Khan Speech At PTI 100 Days Ceremony 29th Nov 2018 Part-02
Time: 31:18
Ali Zaidi Ne Buhat Fazool Bat Kari But I Wish PTI Complete 5Years,,Mansoor Ali
Time: 01:58
We Will Judge After 1Year PTI Performance, Mansoor Ali
Time: 01:53
Shaheen Raza PTI MPA
Time: 00:45
PTI Govt Ne IMF Ki Kon Si Conditions Ko Manne Se Inkaar Kardia ?
Time: 01:34
Meher Abbasi's analysis on 100 days performance of PTI govt
Time: 01:21
Rehman Azher Reviews About PTI govt 100Days Performance
Time: 02:30
Why PTI Govt Is Going To Use Presidential Ordinance Option - Sabir Shakir Tells
Time: 02:34
Listen to Saleem Bukhari's analysis on PTI govt's 100-day performance
Time: 08:21
Kia Ab Koi Wicket Gir Sakti Hai PTI Ki.. Imran Ahmed Response
Time: 02:25
Why PTI Ministers Are Not Sharing The Information With Imran Khan, Faisal Wada Response
Time: 01:35
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