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Movie Balvindra Singh Famous Ho Gaya Song Picturisation
Time: 03:21
UNDP Thailand Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Video Part 1
Time: 03:03
UNDP Jamaica TV: Inaugural Joint Career Exposition-Part 1
Time: 08:16
UNDP Documentary 2013
Time: 16:19
UNDP and BPBD with PIODA as trainee on OUTING PLUS at ANAI RESORT SUMATERA BARAT Blind ball Session
Time: 02:40
UNDP celebró sus 100 representaciones en León
Time: 02:27
Interview with UNDP Resident
Time: 02:35
Water for life - UNDP Cambodia
Time: 04:14
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 y Angelique Boyer están listos para UNDP
Time: 00:45
Entrevista a David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 en la conferencia de prensa de UNDP
Time: 05:00
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1, Alexis Ayala, Carlos de la Mota y Salvador Zerboni conferencia de prensa UNDP en Mty
Time: 19:40
Escenas de la obra UNDP
Time: 03:57
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 habla de su personaje Fernando de la Riva en UNDP
Time: 00:51
UNDP Weathering the storm (Part 1) - Cambodia Climate Change Alliance
Time: 07:51
UNDP Youth Climate Change Publication: Youth Editors Day 1
Time: 02:03
UNDP Against Corruption in Thailand
Time: 05:50
Se presentó UNDP en el teatro San Rafael, David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 hará telenovela en el 2013 || 1N
Time: 01:46
Enlace con David Zepeda @davidzepeda1, Carlos de la Mota, Alexis Ayala, Omar Suárez y Salvador Zerboni en NLC - Estreno de UNDP
Time: 07:47
PROMO: David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 y elenco de UNDP en Derecho de Admisión
Time: 00:30
Se presentó al elenco de la obra UNDP en conferencia de prensa @davidzepeda1
Time: 00:43
UNDP arrancará gira en Puebla @davidzepeda1 || HOY
Time: 02:36
UNDP se presentó en Mty, David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 prepara disco
Time: 01:34
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 y elenco de UNDP en conferencia de prensa
Time: 03:06
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 y elenco de UNDP en Derecho de Admisión
Time: 19:12
360 video: How the UNDP is helping save lives in Ukraine
Time: 02:55
David Zepeda @davidzepeda1 sesión de fotos en conferencia de UNDP
Time: 01:47
UNDP-ja ndihmon në sanimin e digave mbi lumin Shkumbin
Time: 02:05
Docudrama on Flood & Mitigation - UNDP
Time: 08:00
Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah meets on UNDP deligation
Time: 00:22
UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo: Serving Asia and the Pacifi
Time: 05:05
UNDP FATA Recovery Programme
Time: 06:39
UNDP international campaign underway to name twin pandas
Time: 00:40
UNDP highlights Nicaragua's achievements in reducing crime rates
Time: 01:04
'Generate employment is our main priority now in Haiti', says UNDP Head in the country
Time: 08:51
KPK only government which is serious in empowering Local government system - UNDP Pakistan Marc Andre Franche
Time: 03:25
Michelle Yeoh named UNDP Goodwill Ambassador
Time: 01:10
Korea is world leader in human development: Interview with UNDP Director
Time: 02:54
China's Giant Pandas: UNDP international campaign underway to name twin pandas
Time: 00:39
Breaking down social norms is vital to achieving human development for everyone: UNDP report launch in Seoul
Time: 02:46
Undp Başkanı Clark
Time: 04:02
UNDP Weathering the storm (part 1) - Cambodia climate change
Time: 04:30
Ronaldo & Zidane Friends UNDP vs. AS Saint Etienne All Goals and Full Highlights
Time: 08:52
UNDP supports elections worldwide
Time: 05:09
UNDP in Soth Sudan
Time: 03:44
UNDP supports dried fruit production in Armenia
Time: 08:35
UNDP, Global Fund back El Salvador's HIV/AIDS efforts
Time: 05:37
UNDP and OFID Partnership: Solar power brings light to schools and hospitals in Gaza
Time: 05:13
UNDP: Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector
Time: 04:34
Dua Ekor Panda Dipilih jadi Duta UNDP - NET 5
Time: 01:07
UNDP Sri Lanka: Communities for Peace: Common Ground (TwinningSchools)
Time: 12:52
Michael MacLennan of the IPC-IG/UNDP in Brasilia, Brazil Discusses Green Growth in the SADC Region
Time: 04:14
UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative in Thailand
Time: 08:23
Puppet Show for UNDP India
Time: 09:48
Time: 00:45
UNDP: Taon pa ang bibilangin bago tuluyang makabangon ang mga nasalanta ng Yolanda
Time: 06:41
Chief-Speaker Mr.Kumar Deepak , Envt, UNDP at ICC Event Organisised by Nature Drive Trust Of India
Time: 07:22
UNDP/PAPP Corporate Video
Time: 06:08
Time: 03:30
UNDP Administrator Helen Clark on Why Equity and Sustainability Matter for Human Development
Time: 02:07
UNDP Moldova - Ticket to the CARRIBEAN Documentary, 2009 (English)
Time: 11:59
Maria Sharapova, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in Belarus
Time: 02:23
UNDP appoints 17 panda champions in Chengdu
Time: 01:25
Benjamin Kumpf on the incentives and challenges of innovation at UNDP
Time: 01:50
David Smith, UNDP-UNEP - on the importance of green economy for sustainable development
Time: 02:55
Behind-the-Scenes of the UNDP & Discovery Channel Documentary Anatomy of a Recovery
Time: 03:03
UNDP Delivers Autoclaves to Sierra Leone
Time: 01:37
UNDP Investment Fund: Training at Foreign Trade University
Time: 06:35
UNDP Serbia: Gender Equality
Time: 05:33
Another Allegation by PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan Proved Wrong by UNDP
Time: 02:09
Zambia UNDP Social Good Summit
Time: 04:33
UNDP: Consumers willing to spend more for the care of environment
Time: 02:24
[PDF] Assessment of Development Results: Guyana Evaluation of Undp Contribution [Download]
Time: 00:06
Another Allegation by PTI's Chairman Imran Khan Proved wrong by UNDP
Time: 02:09
Strong citizens, efficient state- UNDP Democratic Governance portfolio
Time: 11:45
The UNDP Gender Equality Seal: Quality Certification for Gender Mainstreaming
Time: 03:49
UNDP Azerbaijan Demining
Time: 04:48
UNDP: Artificial wetlands to treat wastewater in Egypt
Time: 04:36
Time: 02:01
Saving Our Tuna - UNDP-Discovery Channel Documentary
Time: 01:46
Lao NEWS on LNTV: US,UNDP support ongoing implementation of the legal sector.8/12/2014
Time: 01:13
Gender Equality a Pressing Development Challenge - says UNDP Head in India
Time: 03:31
UNDP Asia Minute
Time: 02:21
UNDP Match Against Poverty in Athens
Time: 01:27
UNDP - Decentralisation
Time: 03:17
紺野美沙子UNDP親善大使 東北被災地視察(2011年10月)
Time: 10:53
UNDP: National strategy , strong leadership key
Time: 01:22
7 UNDP - Chitral Floods and KP Earthquake 2015
Time: 06:13
International Youth Day on Youth Civic Engagement 2015 - UNDP & YPF
Time: 02:07
紺野美沙子UNDP親善大使の東ティモール視察 (2004年7月)
Time: 03:47
Time: 02:42
UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth - IPC-IG
Time: 03:37
Interview with Gina Casar Deputy Secretary General of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Time: 00:38
Help The Recovery And Reconstruction Of Haiti - Zinedine Zidane UNDP PSA (Spanish)
Time: 00:47
Joint Press Conference with UNDP Administrator Helen Clark and Deputy Minister of Planning in Iraq
Time: 08:31
National Evaluation Capacity - Mr Indran A. Naidoo, Director, Evaluation Office UNDP
Time: 04:25
UNDP Jamaica: Dr Chounoune shares UNDP’s contributions with the Jamaican Diaspora
Time: 02:37
UNDP, Kazakh government set to promote sustainable development - Kazakh TV
Time: 00:48
Read United Nations Development Aid: A History of UNDP PDF Online
Time: 00:08
Time: 01:03
Media Tour and Round Table on EE Strategy Development (Uzbek) - UNDP/GEF Project in Uzbekistan
Time: 02:55
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