Commodo, Gantz Kahn Unmistakable Boiler Room Debuts

Time: 03:31

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Deep Medi - ever the purveyors of supreme bassweight - have had a busy year to date. Haymakers from Kahn (Over Deh So/Abbatoir) and Gantz's Witch Blues EP rubber-stamped their intentions from early on, and bits from Jack Sparrow, Kaiju and K Man have kept the ball rolling steadily into Q3. Now Mala and co reveal their strongest hand to date.

MEDiLP011 is a collaboration of gargantuan proportions. Kahn, Commodo and Gantz sell out of stock quickly enough in their own rights; now the styles of all three get tumble-dried together in a melange of Bristolian and Middle Eastern sub-low. "Unmistakable" is just one example out of the six - an earthy deep roller anchored by a hush-hush grumble of a sample and, of course, bottommost low-end.

August 28th is the release date. Eye up the vinyl and digital versions on pre-order before it's too late.

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