rRoxymore DFF Boiler Room Debuts

Time: 06:20

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rRoxymore has been turning heads of late ? whether it be through her outstanding sets, live acts or own productions. Most notable of the latter is her recent collaboration with Oni Ayhun (The Knife's Olof Dreijer), Jaguar Woman (Paula Temple) and Aquarian Jugs (Planningtorock) as Decon/Recon. An impressive billing, proving that rRoxymore is a contender not to be messed with.

November sees rRoxymore going from strength to strength, as she makes her Macro debut with Tautologies. The EP exhibits three fresh-sounding cuts of the well versed house and techno scene. On the flip is our highlight track "DFF", whose percussive oddities and echoey effects give the whole track an underwater quality.

Catch the whole release on 12", dropping in full on 6th November.

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