Cosmin TRG Narr Day (Remodulated) Boiler Room Debuts

Time: 06:34

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The month of October came with a promise of something truly special: one Debut a week from 50WEAPONS' last ever ten releases, catalogue numbers #040 to #050. And so it begins, with Cosmin TRG stepping up to the plate as first torchbearer. Ploughing straight in with its spiralling mechanics, "Narr Day (Remodulated)" plays with an energy and suspense that captures 50WEAPONS in essence: a label trusted to capture the very ?tat d'esprit of Berlin in their releases. Befitting the occasion, no 6.5 minutes could be a better way to kick-start this Debut series that Boiler Room are proudly playing host to. Long live 50WEAPONS.

50WEAPONS40 drops on 9th October.

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