I m Seller (Yahoo ug.destination good63) CVV +VBV and Dob fullz Good and fresh All Country: US+UK+CA+AU+EU+INTER+GER+FR+More+ Dumps + Track1/2+SMTP+PIN+ACC PayPal+Transfer Bank Login Wu....Who s need Buy Contact For Deal...

Time: 04:00

Hi! every customer.We Job is Western Union and Bank transfering in last 4 year my Job is this(2009-2013). We have very PRESTIGE and PRECEDENCY in this bussiness.
-Contact for me support :

ID yahoo:ug.destination_good63

E-mail yahoo: [email protected]

ICQ No.685369298

- Sell cvv good fresh cheap with good balance,replace if cvv dont work!!
- I'm seller best and alway sell CC fresh with hight balance.
- I have account paypal with good balance
- I hope u good customers and will be long-term cooperation
Transfer > US,UK,CA,AU,EU,Ghana,France,Germany,Italy and very easy to cash out African:

- Price 700$ :=> 9000$ MTCN (sender name + country)
- Price 600$ :=> 8000$ MTCN (sender name + country)
- Price 500$ :=> 6500$ MTCN (sender name + country)
- Price 400$ :=> 4500$ MTCN (sender name + country)
- Price 200$ :=> 2500$ MTCN (sender name + country)
- Price 120$ :=> 1500$ MTCN (sender name + country)



1. With me I never give test free, not trust don't contact
2. Payment first...it's my rules work...
3. I always check and update new cvv good and fresh every day
4. I will change cvv if not good or dont work
5. If you buy over 20 stuff, I will discount for you
6. I only accept payment with Westernunion (WU) ,perfectmoney.com ( PM ) Money Gram (MG) Bistcoin.(BcN)
7. Replacement is within 24hrs of purchase and replacement is once per oder
8. I send you your stuff immediately after payment confirmation or money pick up
9. Western Union (WU) minimum is 100$. Order US CVV Dumps 5 pieces Minimum.
10.Hope you are best customer and we can to work a long time business

-|*|*|****THANKS-LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU Hope You To see Contacts Soon****|*|*|-

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