Prodigy One Love

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One Love was the seventh single released by the British electronica/rave act The Prodigy in October 1993. It was the first single from the album Music For the Jilted Generation.

Liam Howlett first released the songs "One Love" and "One Love (Jonny L Remix) as two 12" white labels, called "Earthbound 1" and "Earthbound 2" respectively, in response to growing criticism from the music community about The Prodigy having sold themselves out and become purely commercial.

Underground DJs apparently praised the white labels as some of the best of the year, but when it was revealed that Howlett had produced the songs, the DJs shunned the songs. With this act, Howlett had shown that The Prodigy was still capable of making pioneering dance music praised by the underground.

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